Very professional and friendly staff. Dr. Chee does a great job at making you feel comfortable. Great job! Very clean office and reasonable prices.
Elizabeth L.

My experience here has been very good, very friendly staff and the doctor does his best to make us feel good in our office even if you do not speak 100% English. I definitely recommend it.
– America L.

Very nice office they saw my daughter as a walk in and made us feel very welcome.
I look forward to seeing Dr. Chee for my next visit.
– Silvia H.

I have a very difficult problem trusting Optometrist with my eyes due to the fact that my prescription is very high. I decided to get my exam with Dr.Chee because of the positive comments I have heard of his work and his exams. The exam was great and thorough. He also was very informative with all my questions and concerns. I also asked for his opinion about contact lenses for my prescription and helped me find a solution into being able to use contacts. The office staff is very nice and professional and I definitely recommend him if you’re looking into getting your next eye examination or any eye-related situation!
– Emelin V.

Family operated, very accommodating, and very friendly. Dr. Chee is very personable. Very fast eye exam with all the bells and whistles, if you need them. In network for Davis vision. Very friendly front desk and assistants. I recommend him to anyone in the area with the same insurance.
– Liberty

I’ve seen Dr. Chee for my yearly eye exam twice, and I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. His staff was very nice and making my apppointment wsa easy. There is very little wait time, if any. Dr. Chee answered all my question and took the time to educate me on how my medical history affects my vision. I highly recommend Dr. Chee and will continue to see him for my vision needs!
– S. S.

The first time I went to Dr Cher, was in December of 2016. He and his staff were very friendly, and kind. I was very impressed with the manner in which he examined my eyes. He performed different tests, including the Glucauma test. This was the first time that I had such a thorough examination. My husband, my Son and I have made him our “Family Optometrist”. I have already taken two of my Sisters in Law, and my Mother, to him have their eyes examined by him. They were all satisfied with the exam.
– Martha D.

Dr. Chee and the staff were great. Our 5 year old daughter had eye testing at school which prompted us to bring her in. This was our first visit with Dr. Chee and her first eye doctor visit as well. I will be back for my own yearly eye exam and will recommend Dr. Chee to others.
– Eliza W.

Great doctor and staff. Very nice and knowledgeable. Been going to him for about 3 years and so has my family. Just last week my brother had an eye exam and Dr. Chee even did a quick check up on my 4 month old baby’s eyes. I Really reccomend him.
– Selene V.